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Company Name: Deqing Aoshima CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.

Founded: 1988

Company address: No. 12 Weiye Road, Changhong East Street, Deqing Economic Development Zone, Deqing County, Zhejiang Province

Hangzhou Aosima CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is an advanced manufacturing enterprise invested and controlled by Zhejiang Economic Construction Investment Co., Ltd. The company was founded in 1988 and is located in Hangzhou, a city with beautiful scenery. The registered capital is RMB 4,605,500. After more than 20 years of reform and development, it has now become a numerically-controlled winding machine and a complete set of equipment with strong domestic R & D technical force, complete product and service range. Overall solution provider.
Ausima is a national high-tech enterprise. Currently, it has set up a production base in Deqing Economic Development Zone in Zhejiang Province. It mainly produces CNC winding machines, automated complete production line devices, and robots and precision electronic instruments (in planning). Automobile parts, electronic components, motors, instruments and other downstream industries. At the same time, the company set up a research institute in Hangzhou North Software Park to conduct design research and development based on customer needs and industry development trends, and achieved significant research and development results.
The company currently owns or is applying for a total of 18 patented technologies, including 10 invention patents (8 have been obtained, 2 are under actual review status), 6 utility model patents, 2 appearance patent design patents; undertake provincial or above Projects include: National Torch Plan, Zhejiang Province Major Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Special Project, Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Plan Key Scientific Research Industry Projects, 1 each, and 2 National SME Innovation Funds. It has won two second prizes of Zhejiang Science and Technology Award, one second prize and three third prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award. In 2012, Aosima was rated as the Hangzhou Innovation Pilot Unit. In 2013, the OZMA CNC equipment R & D center was awarded the "Hangzhou Enterprise High-tech Research and Development Center" qualification.

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